Message from Tim Moen

My time as Leader of the Libertarian Party is coming to a close. I don’t intend to run for Leader again at our convention this August. It has been my great pleasure and honour over the past 7 years to lead what I consider the most important political party and movement in Canada.

Truth be told I should have resigned a few years ago. I led the party to its most successful showing ever in 2015. Our success was largely because I led full-time and was able to inspire and motivate a team of fellow volunteers and candidates. I cashed in my retirement savings and killed my career and it paid off for our party. Unfortunately I don’t have another retirement fund to draw on and so my primary focus has been on my career and paying the bills rather than the party.

Part of the reason I held on so long is that I didn’t want to leave the party in the lurch and I had hoped to find a worthy successor to hand party leadership over to. At one time I thought that might be Maxime Bernier but unfortunately he is more interested in populist conservatism than libertarianism. It is clear to me now that both my career and the party are suffering from my continued party leadership. I’ve lost out on job promotions and the party has lost out on energetic leadership. The party needs fresh energy leading it and I need some rest.

I will continue to be a party member and supporter. Here is what I will be looking for in a new party Leader:

  • a person who hates the state (
  • a libertarian grounded deeply in principle who understands libertarian theory
  • a person who understands the most important goal our party can have is to create more libertarians because that (not winning elections) is the only thing that can lead to a free society
  • a person who can communicate our message effectively and in an appealing manner
  • a person who focuses on building relationships and is willing to set aside petty differences (ie Dallas Accord
  • a person who can commit time and energy to advancing liberty

We are the most important political party and movement in Canada because we are literally the only people playing the real game. Every other party with overlapping views on liberty are trying to win the fake game…the game that the ruling elite want us focused on…winning elections and forming government. That game only reinforces and nurtures the establishment. That game requires violating principle in exchange for votes. Our game is to educate, inspire and shift culture.

I thank you for your support and the trust you’ve placed in me during my time as Leader. I intend to assist the new Leader and executive team with a smooth transition and perhaps run for a board position to stay involved in the background. I look forward to seeing you at convention in Edmonton this August!

Tim Moen