New Board of Directors

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HOW BIG IS TOO BIG The purpose of this paper is to raise the question of whether or not government in Canada has become too big for the size and the unique characteristics of Canada, for its economy, and for the good of the majority of the citizens of this country. The history of the twentieth century is replete with examples of what happened to the people of many recognizable countries when their government got too big, too expensive, too centralized, too ideological, and too intrusive to allow the people to prosper economically. Continue reading

What Does Maxime Bernier's Loss Mean?

For many supporters of the Libertarian Party of Canada the prospect of Maxime Bernier becoming leader of the CPC has been the elephant in the room over the past several months. It's time to address that. For myself, it was a difficult balancing act. I call the Libertarian Party home. I truly believe that it has the best vision for a better Canada, and I know that until a party that is grounded in principles fills the seats of Parliament we're going to end up with bigger government time and time again. Over the course of the CPC leadership race I've often had to remind folks that the Conservative Party hasn't proven that it's the best way to affect change in Ottawa - the CPC under Stephen Harper gave us the biggest, most costly, most intrusive federal government Canada had ever had, after all.  Continue reading

By-Elections Everywhere

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New Website/Platform

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