Candidate Application

Thank you for taking an interest in becoming a candidate with the Libertarian Party of Canada.

* This form will take you approximately 10 minutes to complete, and your progress will be saved if you leave this page.

Application Process

The purpose of the application process is to properly document candidate applications to ensure a fair and transparent nomination process. Once your application is received, it will be forwarded to the appropriate Regional Director or Regional Coordinator.

Requirements to become a candidate:

  • Complete online Candidate Application form (personal information, previous political involvement, acceptance of Elections Canada requirements, questionnaire)
  • Complete online Candidate Screening form (preliminary background check)
  • Complete Vulnerable Sector Check through your local police department at your own cost (after application and screening form are reviewed and accepted)

Candidate Application Form

This application provides us with your updated contact information to facilitate communication between yourself and the Libertarian Party of Canada. In addition, this application confirms that you are aware of the commitments required of you as a candidate from Elections Canada and the Libertarian Party of Canada. You are required to complete all fields on the form. There are four short answer questions at the end to give you the opportunity to distinguish yourself from other prospective candidates. Please take your time to answer the short answer questions to the best of your ability.

NOTE: You must be a current member of the Libertarian Party of Canada to run as a candidate. If you are unsure of your membership status, contact us at [email protected].

Candidate Screening

The Libertarian Party of Canada supports its candidates and aspires to run a positive campaign that candidates feel comfortable and adamant promoting. In a competitive political environment, candidates will be scrutinized by their opponents, the media, and voters. While we can prepare for typical criticism our candidates are bound to receive, we cannot prepare for personal or individual criticism a candidate may receive as a result of their history in the community.

For example, a candidate may have a minor criminal charge from the past brought to light amidst their public campaign. Depending on the case, a candidate’s history may or may not negatively influence the image of the Libertarian Party of Canada at large. This application informs us of name changes or criminal history a candidate may have had. Having had a name change or criminal charge in the past does NOT disqualify you for a candidacy nomination. The information you provide prepares us to effectively handle unanticipated events—we can’t prepare if we don’t know.

Privacy Statement

The Libertarian Party of Canada prides itself on championing privacy rights. As such, we take great efforts to ensure the protection and privacy of personal information. Security and confidentiality are paramount to our party’s values.

Our full privacy statement is available on our website at

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