message from leader2

Hello everyone,

On August 15th in Edmonton, I was elected leader of the party. I want to thank those who voted for me and I will try hard to meet your expectations. Before I go on, I want to thank and salute Tim Moen and Coreen Corcoran.

Tim led the party for seven years substantially increasing its media profile during that period. He also left us with a very good, well thought out and researched platform, one that is not filled with nonsensical boutique tax credits but one that is principled and about liberty and justice. It should serve us well for many years to come. His commitment to the Party was such that he made personal financial sacrifices that few of us would have undertaken. He’s smart, well read and always represented the Party well and professionally. In doing so, I have no doubt that he brought a number of new members to our cause. Thank you Tim for your tireless efforts.

Coreen was President of the Party for many years. President is a low-profile, back-room administrative job. It is thankless in many ways, but also essential for the good working condition of the Party. I’ve worked with Coreen at the OLP over the last few years and I can vouch for her knowledge and dedication. Thank you Coreen for your tireless efforts.

My time for the next few weeks will be spent on the election and I’d like to thank those who are running under our banner.  The coercive lockdowns of the last 18 months have done more harm than good and our opposition to them should be a centrepiece of our campaigns. It is a great opportunity to bring people to the one party that stands for freedom and liberty.

Good luck to all.

Jacques Y. Boudreau