Jacques Boudreau

Jacques Boudreau was elected leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada at our convention in August 2021, the same day the federal election was called. A candidate in 2015 and 2019, Jacques also sat on the Board of Directors since 2018. 

Why did you want to become leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada?

For two main reasons. First, I recently retired as an Actuary, which allows me to spend considerable time to advance the cause of the party. Second, I think I will be a very good spokesman for the party. I'm bilingual, very well read in Libertarianism, Economics, and fiscal matters. I'm used to speaking in public and have been told that I come across as knowledgeable, polished, smart, and measured in my tone. As I have stated many times, Libertarians are often seen as being on the fringe and "out there". The last thing we need is to reinforce that image by coming across as unhinged. I know I can continue the image that Tim projected.

In which riding are you running in the federal election?

London-West, my home riding.