2019 Triennial Confirmation of Members of Political Parties



Every three years, at the time of the annual update, registered parties and eligible parties provide the Chief Electoral Officer with the names and addresses of 250 electors who are members of their party. The Triennial Confirmation exercise is required so that political parties retain their official status.

We are asking members to complete the form and mail it back to us before JUNE 24th.

Please download the form, complete the fields, print (B&W or colour), and mail it back to the party at the following address:

Libertarian Party of Canada
126-372 Rideau Street
Ottawa ON
K1N 1G7

General Form - Political Party

Thank you for your continued support of the Libertarian Party of Canada!

After receiving the forms, Elections Canada may send you questionnaires  in order to validate their membership information. The members who receive a questionnaire from Elections Canada must return it as soon as possible in an enclosed postage paid pre-addressed envelope so they can complete their review of the party memberships.