Valerie Keefe

Why do you want to become leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada?

I am doing so on a basis of promoting First Things First: An electoral coalition between all candidates of all parties who are pledged to withhold confidence from any government which does not immediately commence Crimes Against Humanity Prosecutions against the perpetrators of coercive mandates for dubious medical interventions, including, but not limited to: Masking, social distancing, lockdowns, and Spike-Protein-Generating-Injections frequently referred to as vaccines.

I have spent the last decade fighting government barriers to the purchase of Hormone Replacement, and in Early 2020, was the only declared candidate for the Leadership of the Freedom Conservative Party of Alberta during the entirety of their constitutionally-mandated leadership race.

Are you prepared to stand as leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada until at least the next convention 3 years from now?


In which riding will you run during the next federal election?

Edmonton Griesbach