The Libertarian Party of Canada stands for free market economic policies, property rights and entrepreneurship. As such, the Libertarian Party would:

  • Reduce federal income taxes to a maximum rate of 15% and increase the personal income tax exemption amount to $17,300 from $11,500
  • Eliminate all tax credits, and replace them with 4 additional exemptions, valued at $4,000 each (Child, Senior, Disability, Student)
  • End all forms of corporate welfare
  • Audit the Bank of Canada’s effect on inflation and gradually phase out government control over the money supply



 The Libertarian Party of Canada recognizes the importance of a clean and healthy environment to all Canadians. The property rights of all Canadians must be respected to ensure responsible and accountable use and preservation of our natural resources. As such, the Libertarian Party of Canada would:

  • Enforce property rights so individuals have full ownership over their land and the natural resources above and below it
  • Encourage a system whereby harm and property damage as a result of pollution can be dealt with through the judicial system
  • Remove eminent domain legislation by repealing the Expropriation Act



 The Libertarian Party of Canada stands for a foreign policy of honest trade, peace, and diplomacy. As such, the Libertarian Party would:

  • Immediately withdraw Canadian armed forces from international conflicts. The Libertarian party strongly opposes the foreign interventions of the past 13 years
  • Reallocate military resources for the purpose of national defence, and Arctic sovereignty.
  • Restructure the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development in the following way
    1. Eliminate all forms of government foreign aid
    2. Encourage remittances. Doing so means that aid is voluntarily given and done so without ending up in the hands of corrupt foreign governments.
    3. Unilaterally end all tariffs on foreign goods.



 The Libertarian Party of Canada opposes the criminalization of victimless crime. As such, the Libertarian Party would re-evaluate all victimless crimes in the federal criminal code. This will allow for law enforcement to spend its time and budget on targeting and punishing violent offenders.

  • Sex work

The Libertarian Party of Canada would legalize sex work. Doing so respects the decisions of consenting adults, while making life safer for those who choose to engage in sex work. This policy also ensures that law enforcement can focus on human traffickers, and not its victims.

  • The War on Drugs

The Libertarian Party of Canada would end the war on drugs by legalizing cannabis and immediately decriminalizing the consumption and possession of drugs. The war on drugs has cost Canadian tax payers billions of dollars in enforcement and incarceration of citizens who have harmed no one besides themselves. Drugs should be dealt with through harm reduction strategies, and as a matter of public health, not through the criminal justice system. The decriminalization of illicit substances ensures that organized criminals, both domestic and foreign, cannot profit from the drug trade.



 The Libertarian Party recognizes the importance of the right to privacy and as such would:

  • Immediately repeal bill C-51
  • End Warrantless Searches

Keeping the Government Out of Our Bedrooms (and Every Other Room)

The Edward Snowden & Wikileaks revelations have had lasting repercussions in both the United States and in Canada. Without due process, governments have unreservedly begun spying on innocent citizens, justifying their actions in pursuit of nebulous terrorist threats. Due to these disclosures, the Libertarian Party would seek to curb and eliminate all government surveillance programs that operate without a Warrant. More specifically, the Libertarian Party of Canada would pass legislation that would forbid government, and all government agencies, from spying on personal information without a warrant issued in open court. This includes ending mass surveillance operations, including the collection of metadata. As a result, the Libertarian Party would rein in the actions of Canadian surveillance agencies, ending the practice of blanket surveillance and placing these organizations under strict independent civilian oversight mechanisms. An open and honest mechanism to thwart terrorism will be just as effective as surreptitious means.

Who’s Bullying Whom?

Anti-cyberbullying legislation, although well intended to curb online abuses, subjects Canadians to privacy abuses at the hands of government and corporations with Bills C-13 and S-4. The Libertarian Party would immediately repeal the lower Warrant thresholds for obtaining personal information, which will effectively restore privacy rights by upholding the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. The Libertarian Party will also remove the immunity provisions for telecommunications providers who hand over personal data to government agencies without a warrant. If a telecommunications company is to disclose personal data to third parties, including government, it should only be done with the presence of a warrant or the expressed consent of the customer.

Restoring the Rights Lost in Bill C-51

Bill C-51 is an egregious violation of Canadian privacy rights, which are protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The information sharing provisions overturn the public sector privacy protections set out in the Privacy Act. Organizations like CSIS should not be given the power of law enforcement agencies, and their findings should not be applicable to the prosecution of Canadian citizens. This bill should never have been brought forward in a democratic nation, and all aspects of it will be fully repealed under a Libertarian government.

Focusing the Canadian Security Establishment on Foreign Threats

The Canadian Security Establishment (CSE), lesser known than CSIS, provides Canadians with security in regards to foreign threats, but in no way should it subject Canadian citizens to charter rights violations. To ensure that Canadians are not having their privacy infringed upon, the Libertarian Party would establish an independent oversight board to ensure privacy is protected. The Libertarian Party would also create legislation prohibiting the mandate of CSE from warrantlessly spying on Canadian citizens. Lastly, the Libertarian Party would end all forms of collaboration with foreign surveillance agencies, especially the NSA, that could infringe upon the privacy rights of innocent Canadians. Simply, the CSE should work to protect, and not punish, Canadian citizens



 The Libertarian Party of Canada recognizes the right of First Nations, Metis and Inuit peoples to meaningful autonomy and jurisdiction over their territories. This jurisdiction includes natural resources, mining rights, local economic affairs and community membership.

The Libertarian Party would:

  • Replace the Indian Act with a blanket guarantee of sovereignty for all indigenous groups.
  • End all federal restrictions and obligations on indigenous territories
  • Streamline the Land Claim process
  • Find and eliminate systemic discrimination against indigenous peoples



 The Libertarian Party of Canada realizes that government regulatory agencies often do far more harm than good. These regulatory agencies ultimately hurt consumers by increasing costs and curbing competition. As such, the Libertarian Party of Canada would:

  • Repeal the powers of the CRTC over radio, television and communications
  • Eliminate the unfair price manipulation and quota system of the Dairy Board.
  • Reduce the CATSA and government fees for passengers coming from abroad to encourage more tourism and enterprise



The official position of the Libertarian Party of Canada is to remove the prohibitions and legislative obstacles for the ownership of guns by peaceful citizens for the purposes of recreation, self-defence and hunting. If elected, the Libertarian Party of Canada would:

  • Repeal section 91 and 92 of the Criminal Code to make responsible gun possession legal
  • Revise the legal definition of weapon and firearm to reflect that guns are tools when in the hands of qualified civilians
  • Eliminate the provincial and territorial Chief Firearms Offices as a cost saving mechanism and transfer responsible gun ownership to a certification based system
  • Eliminate the unfair search and seizure provisions under the Firearms Act and reverse the onus provisions so that citizens are not labelled criminals before their day in court



 The official position of the Libertarian Party of Canada is that the federal government should leave the entirety of health care decisions to provincial and territorial governments. The current system costs Canadians approximately $6,000 a year, per citizen. For the average family, their healthcare tax burden will be approximately $24,000 per year. Although Canadians spend a lot on the provision of healthcare, the system is painfully slow. The median wait time for an emergency room visit in Canada is 8.8 hours, which places Canada dead last among OECD countries for timeliness of care.

Not only do Canadians spend much of their time waiting for care, the system consistently underperforms. Canada is ranked in the bottom third of OECD countries for safe care, effective care, coordinated care and patient centered care.

To overcome these issues, the Libertarian Party of Canada would:

  • Repeal the Canada Health Act
    1. To ensure that healthcare is a provincial responsibility
    2. To allow private alternatives for care and insurance, which will alleviate public wait times and the growing fiscal burden of healthcare. Provinces will be free to choose the system that best fits their needs



Immigration is an essential aspect of a growing and prosperous country. As such, the Libertarian Party of Canada advocates for a welcoming immigration policy.

More specifically, the Libertarian Party of Canada would:

  • Significantly decrease the bureaucratic burden for refugees and asylum seekers
  • Eliminate the point system for immigration and replace it with a background check for violent or fraudulent criminal activity
  • Eliminate the TFW program and replace it with a streamlined work visa program, and residency roll out. Granting foreign workers legal residency ensures that the Canadian economy continues to grow, without subjecting them to poor working conditions.
  • Create sponsorship guidelines whereby organizations and individuals can sponsor immigrants if they are willing to financially support them.