Making Every Canadian Richer

Kick the CRTC out of the telecom industry to allow for more competition.

For too long, the CRTC has been stifling competition and innovation in the telecommunications sector. Canada has a strong and mature telecommunications sector, and it doesn’t need to be coddled by government bureaucracy making fake competition. This is unacceptable. The CRTC needs to get out of the telecom industry, and foreign competition needs to be allowed. More competition is the right plan for Canada.

End supply management which forces us to pay twice the price for milk, cheese, eggs, chicken, and turkey

Supply management is an outdated system that props up cartels at the expense of every single Canadian. It keeps prices artificially high by imposing exorbitant tariffs on imported goods, like a 300% tax on butter. Daily staples like butter, milk, eggs and chicken are not luxury items, and should not be priced that way. Eliminating supply management would save the average Canadian family more than $500 each and every year. Standing up to the cartels and protecting the pocketbooks of 35 million Canadians is the right plan. We would follow the Australian model, with a gradual phase-out and compensation for farmers.

Privatize Canada Post and eliminate its monopoly on letter mail

Canadians have long benefitted from competition in the market for packages. What’s more, letter mail volume decreases by 6% per year. With the skyrocketing cost of stamps and constant threats of labour action, there is simply no reason to maintain Canada Post’s monopoly on letter mail. We all know that monopolies have less incentive to reduce costs and improve service. Postal services should operate in a competitive environment, just like any other sector of the economy.

Scrap the federal Carbon Tax

Canadians all support protecting our air and water. But a carbon tax will cost the average family $2,500 per year, including by increasing gas prices by 11 cents per litre. This will not do a thing to help the environment. People will still need to drive to work, to get groceries, and to take their kids to hockey practise. It will only serve to take money out of the pockets of Canadians. It’s unethical. It must be stopped. And we'll scrap it.

Lower air travel costs by privatizing airports and opening the sector to more competition

Canada has some of the highest air travel costs in the world. In cost competitiveness, we rank 124th. Many Canadians rarely, or never, fly because of the cost. Many others only fly from American airports because it is so much cheaper there. To tolerate this in a country as vast as Canada, where air travel is often a necessity, is unacceptable. Privatizing the airports, and running them like businesses instead of government cash cows, will help reduce costs. It is also important to open the sector to more competition by lowering foreign ownership requirements and pursuing open skies agreements with other countries. These measures will help keep more money in the pockets of Canadian travellers. It’s the right plan.

Abolish the Capital Gains Tax

Everyone knows the more you tax something, the less of it you get. The Capital Gains Tax is a tax on investment. When our economy is hardly growing at all, why would the government want to have less investment in the private sector? Abolishing the Capital Gains Tax would make sure you never pay tax on any of your savings. It will give our entrepreneurs access to a larger pool of capital. And it will allow every single Canadian to invest more and save more money. It is the right plan.

Cut federal tax to 15% on income between $15,001 and $100,000, and 25% tax rate on income above $100,000

Canadians are paying too much tax. The Income Tax Act is a complicated mess that costs Canadians nearly $7 billion a year to comply with. Every Canadian deserves a tax cut. Simplifying the Income Tax Act by reducing taxes on all income above $15,000 and below $100,000 will mean that those earning in this range will save as much as $2,163 per year in taxes. Taxing income earned over $100,000 at 25% will keep more money in the pockets of Canadians. It is a tax cut for every single Canadian. This is the right plan.

No federal tax on first $15,000 earned, giving everyone who earns that much an immediate $529 tax cut

Canadians are paying too much tax. The Income Tax Act is a complicated mess that costs Canadians nearly $7 billion a year to comply with. Every Canadian deserves a tax cut. Simplifying the tax code and raising the basic personal exemption to $15,000 will ensure that every single Canadian has at least $529 more in their pocket than they did under a Liberal Government. This is the right plan.