Last Call for Member Forms!

Time is running out and we still need your help. The deadline to meet the registration requirements of the Canada Elections Act is fast approaching. As of today, we still require the minimum number of member declarations.

All we ask of you is to scan or take a picture of the signed form and text or email it back to the party. That's it. It will not take any more than 10 minutes of your time to help the Libertarian Party of Canada remain a registered political party in Canada.
Don't have a printer? Email your address to [email protected] or text 613-513-3581 and we will mail a form to you.
2. Complete the full name of the political party (Libertarian Party of Canada).
3. Select Type 2 - Existing Registered or Eligible Political Party.
4. Sign and date in ink (electronic signatures will be rejected by Elections Canada).
5. Complete your member information (this will help us update our database as well).
6. Scan or take a picture of the completed form and send it to [email protected] You can also text it to 613-513-3581.
Thank you to the hundreds of members who have already sent us your forms!