Golok Buday

Gölök Buday has worked tirelessly to spread the Libertarian message in the Vancouver-East riding. He is also an active member of the B.C. Libertarian Party.

Why do you want to become leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada?

I avoid being a member of the brass, it's time I man up. Also I speak liberty in clearer English that some. I won over 600 votes first time in one of the hardest constituencies. Second most of the Party in 2019. I most of all want to see us grow, to find more candidates, and try to win a few opposition members, especially out west where strategic voting doesn't matter.

Are you prepared to stand as leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada until at least the next convention 3 years from now?

Yes, unless there is a very good reason not to.

In which riding will you run during the next federal election?