Brandon Kirby

Brandon Kirby has been involved with the Libertarian Party of Canada as a candidate and Executive Team member. In terms of libertarian activism, he helped build Being Libertarian into one of the largest online blogs for libertarianism with over 900,000 followers, and is the creator and director of Being Libertarian - Canada. He has volunteered behind the scenes for the Libertarian Party of Canada, including running as a candidate, being the Director of Communications, and the Chief of Staff for the party.

He is an anti-money laundering officer, specializing in anti-human trafficking and counter-finance of terrorism for hedge fund clients in the Cayman Islands, owns a real estate company, is a cryptocurrency trader, and sits on the board of directors for Smart Grid Innovation Network. He has eight seasons as a tax consultant, worked five years as a mortgage specialist, and three years as an investment advisor - specializing in RRSP meltdowns to help clients avoid paying the tax on their RRSP withdrawals. He is currently an MBA student with the University of New Brunswick, specializing in data analytics, and received his BA in philosophy with the same institution.

Brandon Kirby also wrote this entire piece in the third person, because he was told that’s how these things work.

Why do you want to become leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada?

The party needs someone with advanced knowledge in finance, economics, and counter-terrorism. The party also needs a committed leader who brings a previous level of activity to developing the party.

Are you prepared to stand as leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada until at least the next convention 3 years from now?


In which riding will you run during the next federal election?