A Foreign Policy Focused on the Security and Prosperity of Canadians

Foreign policy must focus on the security and prosperity of Canadians — not pleasing the dysfunctional United Nations

We won’t aim to please the foreign affairs establishment and the United Nations — a dysfunctional organisation which for years has disproportionately focused its activities on condemning Israel. Instead, we will ensure our country’s foreign policy will be refocused on the security and prosperity of Canadians.

Promote free-market policies, liberalized trade, and private property rights around the world

Countries such as China, India, Vietnam and many others that are fast growing out of poverty did so because they got rid of their communist and socialist economic policies. There is a direct link between the level of economic freedom and the level of development. They got richer because they adopted free-market policies, liberalized trade and private property rights, even if only imperfectly. My government will promote these ideas at every opportunity.

Review the billions spent on foreign aid, and phase out all aid with no moral or economic efficiency argument

Our government will review the $5 billion that Canada spends every year on international assistance programs. Canada will do its part with humanitarian aid to fight global health crises and respond to emergencies such as major conflicts and natural disasters. But we will not send billions to other countries to boost their economies while many Canadians, including some First Nations communities, have levels of poverty comparable to third world countries. Instead of sending billions of dollars to other countries, we should use that money to cut taxes or help Canadians in need, here in Canada.

Liberalize trade with as many countries and regions as possible

Our foreign policy will be focused on liberalizing trade with as many countries and regions of the world as possible. This is not only the best way to ensure our prosperity, but also to help other countries develop and get richer, and to ensure a more peaceful world.

Work with allies to defend Canada's security, especially against radical Islamic terrorism

We will continue to work closely with our allies to ensure peace and security, especially against radical Islamic terrorism. We will only get involved in foreign conflicts when we have a clear strategic interest in doing so and when the security of Canadians is directly impacted.