A Fair Gun Policy for Canada

Make firearms safety courses more widely available

Restricting the supply of firearms course instructors is a back-door way of trying to stop people from owning firearms. Safety courses should be widely available. We will make sure that we have enough certified instructors to meet the demand.

Double the length of firearms licenses from 5 to 10 years

Licensed firearms owners are subjected to automated criminal checks every day. There is no reason to force firearms owners to renew their licenses every 5 years. We will put an end to the hassle, and double the length of time that firearms licenses are valid.

Classify firearms based on function, not appearance

Firearms should be classified based on their function, not on their appearance.

Repeal magazine size restrictions

Magazine size restrictions are nonsense. Current size restrictions do not contribute to public safety, and criminalize firearms owners for something as simple as a flimsy rivet breaking. We will put an end to magazine size restrictions.

Reimburse gun owners for property loss resulting from previous government gun grabs, and end future grabs

Gun rights are property rights. We will ensure that every Canadian is reimbursed for firearms which they legally purchased, but were then taken from them. We will also make sure that neither the RCMP, or Cabinet, can reclassify firearms. 

Reclassify firearms through law in Parliament instead of the RCMP or cabinet

Reclassifying firearms has serious implications. Legal firearms owners can be made criminals at the stroke of a pen. We will put an end to this. If firearms are to be reclassified, a law must be passed in Parliament. That way politicians can be held accountable for changing firearms classifications by their constituents.