The Libertarian Party of Canada, info at libertarian .ca
The Leader - Tim Moen, leader at libertarian .ca

Local Associations and Events

The Board of Directors members are:

  • Tim Moen, Leader                                        Facebook     Twitter
  • Derek Elliott, Deputy Leader                        Facebook     Twitter
  • Rob Brooks
  • Wojciech Dolata
  • Drew Dorweiler
  • Andrew Echevarria
  • Paul Geddes
  • Stephen Harris
  • Phillip Richard

The Officers of the Party are:

  • Rob Brooks, President, robbrooks at libertarian .ca
  • Paul Geddes, CFO,  info at libertarian .ca

Our Regional Coordinators are responsible for staying in touch with a Provincial party where one exists or being supportive of the formation a Provincial party where one doesn't exist and staying in touch with other sympathetic and affinity organizations, coordinating with members within the Region (Province), showing other members how to spread our message in simple ways, helping to set-up meet-ups / pub nights and ultimately making sure we have candidates in every riding in each election. More than one per region is possible and desirable. We would like to have 30 as we grow larger. We presently have vacancies so there is opportunity to help fill these important roles. Contact the VP / Political Action to volunteer for these roles.

  • Region 1 - Vacant (NB, NF, NS, PE) 
  • Region 1 - Chris Murphy (PE) email MurphyMC20022_1 at hotmail .com
  • Region 2 - Immanuel Giulea, (Greater Montreal) email giulea.immanuel at
  • Region 3 - Shany Lienert (QC, less Greater Montreal) email shanole at hotmail .com
  • Region 4 - Vacant, (Greater Toronto) 
  • Region 5 - Darcy Neal Donnelly, (Eastern Ontario) email darcynealdonnelly at gmail .com
  • Region 5 - Jean-Marc Guindon, (Cornwall) email jm.guindon1 at gmail .com
  • Region 5 - Andrea Murik, (South West Ontario) email  jhscteacher at gmail .com
  • Region 6 - Vacant, (MB, SK)
  • Region 7 - Karl Kingsbury, (Edmonton) karlkingsbury at gmail .com
  • Region 8 - Gabriel Scheare, (BC) email  gabrielscheare  at gmail .com
  • Region 9 - Vacant, (YT)

Don't be shy, if you want to contact a person in the region where you live, just reach out to the Regional Coordinator, or anyone else on this page.

Libertarian Party of Canada
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