Civil Order

The initiation of force or fraud threatens the lives, happiness, and property of all Canadians.
To prevent and suppress crime, we support the following: clear, consistent, and impartial laws protecting individual rights; strong, well-financed police force and judicial system; the right of any private security agency to offer protection services, consistent with the Constitution and the Charter of Rights; and the right of any individual to defend himself/herself and his/her property and to contract with any security agency for this purpose.

Victimless Crimes
Since only actions which violate the rights of others may properly be termed crimes, we favour the repeal of all federal laws creating “crimes” without victims.

In particular, we advocate: the repeal of all legislation prohibiting the production, sale, possession, or use of any drug, and of all legislation requiring medical prescriptions for the purchase of any drug, vitamin, or other substance; the repeal of all laws regulating or prohibiting gambling; and unconditional amnesty for all those currently incarcerated for the commission of these “crimes.”

Due Process
Until a person is proven guilty of any crime of which she/he may be accused, that person’s individual rights must be respected.
No person shall be held or questioned against his/her will unless charges are laid, or prevented for any reason from consulting with an attorney.
We advocate the repeal of the War Measures Act and all other preventive detention legislation, uphold the right of the accused to a speedy trial, and support full restitution by the government for all losses suffered by persons arrested but not convicted.

Police Powers
We favour the repeal of all laws permitting the government to declare martial laws, or to give the police extraordinary powers. We believe that a law enforcement officer has the same rights, and the same obligation under the law to respect the rights of others, as does any other individual.

Justice for the Victim
The purpose of any system of courts is to provide justice. The present system of criminal law is based on punishment with little concern for the victim. We support restitution for the victim to the greatest degree possible, at the expense of the criminal.
Accordingly we oppose all no-fault laws, which deprive the victim of the exercise of his right to recover damages from the responsible party. We also support the right of the victim to pardon the criminal. We advocate an end to defense based on “insanity” or “diminished capacity,” which absolve the guilty of their responsibility.

Government & Psychiatry
We urge that no person who has not been charged or convicted of a crime shall be incarcerated or detained against her/his will, for psychiatric or any other reasons, in a mental hospital or other institution.
We further advocate: the repeal of all laws permitting the involuntary psychiatric treatment of any persons, including children; an end to all involuntary treatment of prisoners, as, for example, by such means as psycho-surgery, drug therapy, and aversion therapy; an immediate end to the spending of tax money for any program of psychiatric or psychological research or treatment; and an end to tax-supported “mental health” centres and programs.

Passports and Travel Restrictions
We oppose any attempt by the government to restrict the right of any individual to travel to, from, or within Canada. We believe that the government may properly refuse to provide protection services to an individual who is outside Canada.

We believe that all individuals have the right to choose where to live, provided they do not do so in violation of the rights of others. Therefore we advocate open immigration policies, along with the elimination of all government programs which subsidize immigration.